Should you get help? I made interactive, auto-calculated mental health self-tests presented in simple, step-by-step user interface.

The self-tests, or "questionnaires", are made according to validated/peer-reviewed psychological questionnaires made by mental health professionals/academics - all have been used in clinical/research settings.

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Hi Product Hunt, So online psych self-tests/questionnaires are not new, but I feel like the user interface/experience for a lot of those can be quite overwhelming. I thought maybe I can make them with simpler, less-overwhelming UI. A past similar project got around 13,000+ test takers (so far) to finish (a 92% completion rate). I have coded up about 30 questionnaires, but decided to shrink the number down to 14 (for now) to cover common cases like depression, anxiety, stress, social phobia, OCD, ADHD, etc. Note that these are NOT DIAGNOSIS tools, but rather screening tools to see if you should get help. Only trained professionals can make the diagnosis. The questionnaires were made by psychologists/psychiatrists and have been validated/peer-reviewed (references available) - I merely made a different user interface to make them interactive and added automatic calculation. Hopefully this helps people.
Sounds like a good idea, but I got this error after I took a test
@boiboiboi Thanks for notifying me! I am so sorry about that, it appears I keyed in the wrong number (2 instead of 5). Glad it spit out an error page instead of the wrong results
@boiboiboi What is that debugger?
@armatav sorry late response, but no. just in browser
@boiboiboi that browser looks amazing then
@armatav ha, its just Brave. The screen shows was all styled by the developer of this web app.
Wow such an awesome and well needed site. If I have to add one comment it would be this: The questions often need more details. For example "telephoning in public", would that be when it's on a train and everyone can hear every words I say, or when I'm talking in the street and no one probably cares about what I say? As the difference to me is huge Or "picking someone up", I'm guessing in the content of dating but it's not clear.
@footer Thanks Amin! I agree actually about the wordings (there's a question about payphones...who uses that anymore?), unfortunately I don't really dare to change the original wordings until I get the go-ahead from the original authors :(
I like the idea, but looks like it still needs moderation, for example not all of the questions require yes/no answer (It asked me how much) but I still had just those 2 options
@asmekhov Can you DM me with a screenshot? Thanks!
I took the test for Depression/Anxiety a few times to see the UX of the survey. I definitely think that the experience is straightforward. Would suggest implementing something where you use the IP of the person (to figure out whether they are US or not) or just have a blank disclaimer that they can call the suicide hotline/ text hotline if they really need to talk. This is something that most screeners have (and which I was surprised to find missing in yours). I like that you disclose that you are an Amazon affiliate in your results page but it is really something that should also be in your about page.
@ayushpokh Honestly I'm wary about collecting IP addresses (GDPR and know :D) for each test. Great idea tho, I think that would be a good reason for collecting IP addresses. I will look into implementing it soon. Thanks for testing it and sorry for the late reply
@mattesar_com That's a fair point! Forgot about GDPR. Good luck!