Siempo 2.0

Smartphone interface for mental health and wellbeing 😌

Siempo is an open source Android launcher designed to support mental health, wellbeing & human potential
Inspired by The Center for Humane Technology, Siempo lets users batch notifications, calm their home screen and more to prevent overuse & unconscious use
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Hi Product Hunt! We're helping smartphone users feel better about their relationship with technology. Siempo believes that the interface is the root cause of device and app addiction, so we're reimagining it to be more intentional and less distracting. Inspired and endorsed by Tristan Harris and The Center for Humane Technology, we've personally struggled with tech addiction and are concerned about the impact on our children. Key features: -Calm home screen -Batch notifications -Dynamic screen covers -Tiered app menus -Unbranded and greyscale apps -App scrambling This is the second time we are launching on PH, as we were originally making a new device. Now we are offering that same experience on your existing phone (Android only; iOS won't let us do any of this). Longer term we aim to be a layer across all your devices, on your side, protecting your mental health and helping you build other types of positive habits. We'd love your feedback on the beta! More customizations coming soon :) Siempo is donation-based while in beta.

I helped build this product, so I'm quite biased :) But I'm also knowledgeable about the science behind its features. And I've talked to the users who actually changed their screen habits for the better by using Siempo. A lot of other users we talked to said they like it - not because they ever felt addicted - but because it just feels nicer to have a calmer and less distracting interface when you unlock your phone.


Actually helps you quit addictive apps. It feels good to unlock!


Apple literally doesn't allow these features on their phones

awesome! Very important in a time where many are addicted to their phones
Loved it! Great concept and execution. A few suggestions: - Add a "search" action for the action bar alongside Take Note and Send as Message. Would be really useful so we don't have to open browser + type the search terms. - I don't know if it's possible, but Send as Message action could be tied to the app you assigned as your preferred messenger app. - Add a pin or any barrier to access the Flagged apps section. Currently it works almost as a shortcut, as it is easier to access them than to access an app that is not at the recently opened or the tools section. (even with the random ordering) Apart from that, everything looks awesome and every feature is useful, I'm looking forward for your future plans on it!

Loving it so far, specially that every single feature is useful and is actually making a difference in the overall goal of the app. Onboarding was very nice and intuitive, and configuring non-interruption moments are easy. Great work!


Every feature is useful in the app's goal, you will really find yourself getting less distracted with your intentions when using the phone


- Lacks a "Search" action

- "Send as message" is not tied to your assigned messenger app

- Could use harsher barriers to access flagged apps

Thanks Rodrigo! We appreciate this feedback :) re: harsher barriers, have you tried the screen covers? Go into Settings > Reduce app usage > Reduce overuse of flagged apps. What other kinds of barriers do you think would be helpful?