A social platform to encourage mental well-being

You can record your feelings for up to 30 seconds with your emotion.
AI robot “Ashlee” based on CBT will reply to you every time.
You can help others as well. Helping a fellow human being has a positive impact on your mental health.
Reflect on your feeling!
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Hi, Ph community - We are so happy to introduce Nao.! Nao. will help people with mental illnesses to get organized with an AI. I have suffered ADHD since I was a child. ADHD or ADD is one of many developmental disorders. People with ADHD tend to be easily affected by negative information. Every time I used social media, I felt anxious and wanted a place where I can connect with others with a positive mind. Therefore, I created Nao. to help people like me. I learned cognitive science and Nao. would create positive social feedback loops based on it. This is a voice-based social platform, but we can chat with an AI. Keeping track of your emotions improves your mental well being. Download the app and let the AI bot “Ashlee” listen to you. It will respond based on scientific training methodology. You can help others as well. Helping a fellow human being also has a positive impact on your mental health. Reflect on your feelings!
@yoshua_kishi This is really a beautiful concept. Just started using the app and the experience is flawless. Though I might not be the right target. But the positive feedback loop is really helpful in a general sense. Have been building emotion detection technologies for two years, I always wanted to see someone building something to induce a certain emotion than to just detect it. @shekharupadhaya Really cool stuff man. It can be really helpful for people with more sensitivity to the negative content on social media and web. Finally a platform to optimise our happy feelings than the conventional apps which leverage our anxieties and fear.
@shekharupadhaya @sumit_singh_chauhan Hi Sumit, Thank you for comment! Definitely Emotion Detection will be huge.
@yoshua_kishi @sumit_singh_chauhan Appreciate your feedback! And Yes positive feedback loops can help people in reframing thoughts that are less harmful and black and white.
Great concept, it's really needed in today's world. One piece of feedback I'd have though is to include larger human images. Knowing that I'm heard by other humans if I've got mental health issues is incredibly important and I'm not sure an AI helps that.
I’m a developer of Nao.! We use a Neural Network for this product, you will enjoy new AI! Enjoy our product!