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January 7th, 2019

NEW from GitHub

Yesterday, GitHub gave free users the ability to create unlimited private repositories.

Before the announcement, GitHub limited private repositories to paying users, but unlimited private repos were reportedly the top-requested feature from the community.

The news also marks GitHub’s first change since Microsoft bought the company last October. 👀

While this might seem like a small change, this and their recent acquisition of Spectrum illustrates a shift in GitHub’s strategy, optimizing for user growth and engagement over revenue. Prediction: GitHub will acquire another developer focused startup within 2019.

We often think of coding as a solitary activity, but in fact it’s the world’s largest team sport. All the software we write builds on the work of others, and our job at GitHub is to make that easier for everyone.” - GitHub CEO Nat Friedman

In light of the news, we rounded up a few more GitHub-y projects we think you'll like:

The GitHub + Slack Integration does what you think — it brings your GitHub projects right inside Slack 🙌

Refined GitHub is a browser extension that makes GitHub more powerful 👊

RepoHunt helps you find trending repositories on GitHub 📈

Commit Together lets you add co-authors to your commits 👫

Stellar Tip lets you tip other developers on GitHub with cryptocurrency 🤑

Devo displays GitHub Trending, Hacker News and Product Hunt on every new tab 👍

GitHub Gardener is a tool that makes daily, automated commits that turn your GitHub green ✅

Board for GitHub is a webview-based GitHub project app 👀

Gitweet will tweet from your commit description 🐦

GitHub User Rank is a Chrome extension for ranking GitHub user profiles 🔝

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