GitHub + Slack Integration

Full visibility into your GitHub projects right inside Slack

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 26, 2018

With two of your most important workspaces connected, you’ll get updates about what’s happening on GitHub—without leaving Slack.

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Hi PH! I've been lucky enough to have been using this integration for a while now inside GitHub. It's reaaal good. Now available!
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@mscccc @bkeepers @wilhelmklopp can this bot notify me if someone replies to my comments/PRs?
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Been waiting for this for a while. Stoked to try it out!
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nuttin' else


it's GitHub -- it's Slack -- it's from bkeepers -- what more do you need?



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This is awesome! And not just because @bkeepers @wilhelmklopp are also awesome and made it!
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Niiiiice dude! This is awesome.
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