Commit co-authors makes it easy to see who has contributed to every commit, regardless of how many contributors there are—and every author gets attribution in the pull request and in their contribution graph.

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Hi @notdetails great to see a new tool from Github that fosters better collaboration and recognition - I love it 🙂 @ayrton and @syswarren are working on Maker Goals here at Product Hunt to help us support makers better, too. What drove you all to build this and what other exciting features do you have planned for 2018?
"Collect the name and email address for each co-author." Would be great just to be able to reference their GitHub username instead and have GitHub automatically update it instead of having to use their full name and email address. Ah, just checked and this is what GitHub Desktop does, in fact, do: Hopefully Tower follows suit as well.
Seriously love your thumbnail 👏 👏 dev collaboration is a big pain point. I was talking to someone about that just today... lack of tools out there