Tip other GitHub users with Stellar 🌟 is a site designed to make it a little easier for open source developers to get tips in the cryptocurrency Stellar. Once you setup your profile then you just need to enter your Stellar public key and place a link or button on your GitHub project page. currently does not process payments for security purposes.

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Love seeing more Stellar use cases, awesome job!I’m a huge fan of their team. Also, shameless plug but if anyone wants to learn more about Stellar the community and I put together this massive syllabus for learning about it
Another site for Stellar. Hope this currency will rise soon
Love the background, how did you make it?
Yay, another Stellar use case :D
This thing looks awesome man. While everyone is here, check out Tipp: It's a similar one-time donation concept, but for YouTube videos instead, and it's implemented as a Chrome extension.