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I started the project a year ago after feature development seemed to have stagnated at GitHub. I'm a power user and there were certain things I really wanted and bugs I wanted fixed. One day I decided to take matters into my own hands. Turns out there’s a lot that can be done with just some CSS overrides and JavaScript. We're now a team of 7 people passionate about making GitHub better. Our hope is that GitHub will notice and implement some of the features natively. Refined GitHub is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, with almost 7000 users and growing fast. It also works on GitHub Enterprise. Some of the best features include: - Linkifies issue/PR references in code, comments and titles - Ability to mark issues and pull requests as unread - Preserves the original Markdown when you copy text from comments - Linkifies branch references in pull requests - Condenses long URLs into references - Destructive buttons moved to the left to prevent mistakes See my blog post on some of the cool featues we've added lately.

“The Internet is such a marvelous thing. To think that if you want change, you actually have the ability to change it.”

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Must have for every GitHub user!

Team is active and the app add some killer features to Github.


Productivity !



Nice hack! How do you compare that to something like Zenhub https://www.producthunt.com/post...?
@picsoung it looks like ZenHub is a whole project management application built on top of GitHub. Refined GitHub instead just tweaks the site and adds minor features. From what I see they can coexist, there's little if no overlap!
Don't want to use GitHub without it anymore. (Except if GitHub just implements these features 😄)