Tweet from your commit description

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Gitweet is a convenient tool for developers and makers that wants to quickly tweet something about their last code update.

Once your repository is linked to a twitter account, every time you provide a description in a commit (completely optional obviously), a tweet will be posted with the provided content.

Only the description will be tweeted.

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Clément Rigo
Clément RigoMaker@mydnic · IT Artisan
Hello everyone ! I build this tool during the week end, it's something that I first build for myself because I was annoyed of going manually on twitter each time I pushed a fix or a new feature to inform the followers that something new was deployed on my product. Now I can do that directly from my commit description.
Ankita Tibrewall
Ankita Tibrewall@ankitatibrewall · Software Engineer
Such a great idea. Keep up the work and never stop innovating such things. Great features.