Github User Rank

Chrome extension for ranking GitHub user profiles

Github User Rank is a simple Chrome Extension that adds rankings straight to GitHub user profiles so you don't have to go anywhere anymore.

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How it is now, I think "ranking" might be the wrong term. That conjures up something like "Top 1% on Github", etc. But more importantly, how are these "rankings" calculated? Is it just based on public repositories? Is it based on just your own commits or is it compared to other people's commits in that language, etc.? (i.e. does 10/10 Ruby mean that a lot of my commits are in Ruby or does it mean I am one of the top Ruby commiters for all of Github?
Cool. Just looking at the name I thought it would show something like the user's global rank, based on the total number of starred reports. It would be nice to include this feature (if it's possible)

This is something that I could see integrated in Github but it's a shame that the data the api is using is outdated.

It also seems to only use public repos stats and not contributions to open source projects.


Interesting idea


Outdated data