GitHub Trending, Hacker News and Product Hunt on new tab!

GitHub Trending, Hacker News and Product Hunt, on every new tab!

Devo is a new tab extension for Chrome and Firefox that displays GitHub Trending, Hacker News and Product Hunt front pages on every new tab, no-login required. Devo is a completely open-source project and developed on GitHub.

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Hello everyone! 🎉🎉 My name is Burak and I am happy to launch my new open-source extension on PH! Devo is a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension that replaces new tab of the browser with a more focused version that contains the GitHub Trending page, Hacker News front page and Product Hunt home. All the data is retrieved from publicly available pages, which means login or personal information is not required to use Devo. I have been developing Devo as an open-source project on GitHub, which you can reach from here. All the bugs, features or contributions are very welcome, hope you enjoy it!
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@sifonvebok This is great. Hope to see BetaList on it in the future! :)
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@techsushant Thanks a lot for the feedback. Definitely on the backlog, and planning to add platform selection and placement, which would allow the users to update which platforms they see and where they see. Thanks! :)
This is simple and nice, but if I have it as an extension I will never be able to get any work done. For instance... right now.
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@tostartafire Definitely a valid concern. Maybe I may add an option to randomly hide the page on new tabs to prevent distraction as well. Thanks a lot for the feedback! :)
Nice job Burak :) This is very similar to an extension I've done called "Glyf" (Github:
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@david_paulsson Hi David, I didn't know about Glyf, it seems like it has far more options than Devo, good job! Definitely will give it a try, thank you! :)
Great way to spend the spare time in the office. Simple and clean design, I like it! I hope you can add more services and make widgets optional. Nice job.
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@sabrikaragonen Thanks Sabri, hope you enjoy it!
Welp, this makes my life easier!
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@bitler Yay, that was the aim! Thanks a lot. :)