Board For GitHub

A webview based GitHub project app with native features

#4 Product of the DayMay 25, 2017
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Don't call it native, because it is not...
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@andrewfturnerjr It is not electron, but is webView.
@hebertialmeida This. It's becoming a huge trend lately to claim something is native even tho it's not. πŸ™
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@hebertialmeida Yes, Board For GitHub is not a native application, it is written in native platform language and packed with several native features but the main view is still a web view. Sorry for the misleading! πŸ‘€
@hebertialmeida take a look at @justzht 's response. The `old` version was using web views...this is all native obj-c
Hi, everyone! Board For GitHub is my side project written back when I found there is no native application for the GitHub project kanban in October 2016. Recently I made some enhancement and published it. I think Board For GitHub is a good tool for developers who want to have a quick project glance. I am giving away promo licenses for the Product Hunt community! Here are license keys for the Board For GitHub Alpha Launch. 😊 CC27DB23-57060C21-EDF20E1C-9C9BABC2-C01339BF 4BE22B1E-AED8B461-8B1122A3-08E8F614-F5324FE5 0E1AA11B-B1FBD19A-ADD75C63-D0B83C8E-1F9568CA 2674AEF5-620954EA-B2655300-0B3EEDB2-9FD281B5 9C50EE9A-3D900659-639D51BE-6A0E1F08-28745ADB DE6C4E6B-F66F033C-3E511014-9D197D1B-6A776FDB 8DAA82D1-C40039C8-AAC9FCDB-74BC9BE5-D90E36BE 37D5D511-65AE820B-0E370D60-535A2E92-1F60E2AD 315D93FE-FCD33E8E-27483C19-7A605C7B-15F53C92 4F502C90-87FE7980-D87B0B7B-92F96257-2DA93DF0 30F71C36-48266BDC-E1883CB8-40DE052D-6EA1C89D 1EACFC46-14967D50-C4167A2A-EA3E1D77-A4975907 7A3D2857-BFD7FE5C-75859FE6-9839446A-2E822C3F 1490890B-63985C09-58FA3D46-AF49EBEE-9DE0CAF5 316C373F-4444ED6E-9E8D8371-5D7EE1FA-B6550988 B5C89B48-9A1C397D-92EFD0F9-F776B9E6-38238091 A2283270-5221D299-3767E4B5-CC0CD1B6-C15BA529 D313FE45-EF43A27F-D14CE7C5-D0B64C25-D18DB7DB FBDE44F3-AF489CAC-535EEC1B-32490319-485AAE46 135C01E0-2B7173C6-8DD3F78F-6F3502CC-E6DC10D3
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@justzht Paid as to support. Would love to know how to show my own project.
@harryworld Hi, you can click the octocat icon or "File - Open" menu item to change the board, then Command + S to save it as current board :-). Big thanks for supporting me!
@justzht Thanks, that works.
@justzht This is great, for those arriving after me I've used DE6C4E6B-…-6A776FDB
@justzht any license available?
Are you giving more free licenses?
Looks great, are you considering a Windows version?
@itsnblackburn Hi, Board For GitHub is currently fully written in Objective-C as you can visit an old version of it on Based on Electron seems to make sense as it will gain Windows/Linux support ability, I will do some research about it, thank you :-)

perfect and it costs almost nothing!


ease of use