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December 18th, 2018

NEW from Twitter. Kind of.

“Smash that sparkle” — Taylor Lorenz

Twitter's reverse-chronological feed is back with a sparkle. Literally.

Yesterday, Twitter re-launched its original feed — and that means newest tweets are back at the top. Users can now quickly switch between a ranked timeline and reverse-chronological timeline by toggling the “sparkle button” at the top-right corner of their feed. ✨✨✨

Goodbye to the algorithm feed?

Twitter introduced “top tweets” — the algorithm-driven feed designed to surface popular tweets with lots of engagement — back in 2016. That was also around the time when Facebook was way ahead of Twitter, so it began reinventing itself. Like with Moments. And Polls. And Twitter Live. And Threads.

But people have always loved Twitter because of its ability to tell us what’s happening right now.

“Every morning I switch Twitter back to showing tweets in chronological order and every night Twitter switches it back. This is the boulder I must push uphill.” — Thomas

Thank you for listening to us, Twitter. We'd love an edit button now.

While we're waiting...

Here are 10 tools to play around with on Twitter:

Refined Twitter is the perfect blend of Tweetdeck and Twitter 🙏
Macaw will curate your Twitter for you 🐦
Twitter Bots lets you make your own Twitter bots without code 🤖
Life on Twitter gives you fun facts about your Twitter 😻
Boxy is a gorgeousss Mac app for Twitter 🖥
Unfollow makes it superrr easy tool to unfollow your non-followers 👋
Spoonbill tells you when people you follow change their Twitter bio 💬
Twizzy makes Twitter less distracting 👀
Tinyfollow turns your Tweets into a weekly digest 📝
FollowFriday surfaces interesting people you should follow on Twitter 👥

The Sparkle Button ✨

In today's episode of Product Hunt Radio, Initialized Capital's Garry Tan joins us to chat about:

🍯 Initialized’s decision-making framework, and their honey badger mascot
😣 Major missed opportunities (in hindsight)
👀 An often overlooked skill for founders
📈 The “megatrends” that are creating opportunities for investors and founders today

Listen now and big thanks to our sponsors GE Ventures, Rally Rd, and AngelList for their support. 😸

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