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I like it - mainly because I built it. Thanks for sharing 😄
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@ddarrko A thought, you could make this way more viral by letting people tweet the different sections. The visuals are awesome and the information fun. I just spent a minute making these tweets -, something similar could really accelerate your growth.
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@joshdance @ddarrko Hi Josh, great idea. Currently trying to figure out how best to capture and create images of the profile in PHP which would enable this. Thanks for sharing though and glad you like the app.
@ddarrko one of the callbacks redirects to "localhost/yearontwitter" (when you go to twitter auth page and decide not to login ie click "cancel")
Ha! This is fun. Here's my profile. Fun facts (based on my last 1,000 tweets): 1. Some of my most used emojis (which includes RT's) are 🎉🙌🙏🚀💯🔥👍😸 2. My most used hashtag is #np (which means now playing... probably something I shared from Soulection or Hype Machine) 3. I'm most influenced (i.e., most likely to RT from) @EverythingGoats (which is probably the best Twitter account ever) 4. This is my most popular tweet recently (h/t @bhorowitz) 5. Apparently I tweet more on Fridays than any other day.
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@rrhoover apparently PH is my second best friend and you are my 4th... !! woop woop!
Clearly just a way for @rrhoover and @producthunt to get more followers. I smell a scam!!
@chrismessina Agreed! Both @rrhoover and @producthunt are on my influenced by. Haha
Ha! This is cool. So my stats said that I Tweet most on Fridays, and my third most popular Tweet based off of points is with, none other than @rrhoover ! Great share!
@geeky_yang glad you liked it :) !
My top 5 emoji used are : 👍😀🎉💰😝 Fun little tool.