Get notified when people you follow change their Twitter bio

Spoonbill is a daily or weekly email that delivers a digest of Twitter bio changes for people you follow. It's a fun, voyeuristic tool to discover major life updates, job changes, and subtle tweaks people do to redefine themselves.

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Thanks for the hunt, Ryan! I built this as a scratch-my-own-itch tool -- I liked the core functionality of BioIsChanged but wanted something a little more tailored to my use case. A lot of my friends + colleagues update what they're doing on Twitter way more often than Facebook or LinkedIn, so it's a great way to keep track of new jobs and big moves that people undertake. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions anyone has about the service :)
@justinmduke How does this work? is there a twitter api endpoint that shows all user changes or do you store user bio info on your own db?
I subscribed to Spoonbill a few weeks ago and enjoy the weekly digest of my Twitter friends' bio changes. It's interesting to see how people change the way they describe themselves. It's also a particularly handy tool for journalists. Bio Is Changed is a similar service that's been around a while but I prefer Spoonbill's design.
@rrhoover Bio is Changed actually shut down. Good to have a replacement!

Helps to make sure you don't miss when friends change jobs or locations


Needs a "include Hunter Walk updates? Yes/No" filter. Seriously dude, chill on the profile edits ;)


Spoonbill sends me a weekly list of the name and bio changes of people I follow on Twitter, a peek into the psyche of how people describe themselves and notable life changes (e.g. job title updates).

Part of its appeal comes from its voyeuristic qualities, although its fun to call people out in public when they make certain changes. 😊


One of my favorite weekly email digests


There are often too many bio changes to fit in a single email digest (Google truncates them)

Great to see this since BioIsChanged started breaking and then shut down. Much better design, too! Nice job