Create Twitter bots that can auto-reply, retweet tweets, send DMs, follow users, add users to Twitter list, and more all without writing a single line of code.

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I think it should be free for limited feautures
@ismail_can_demir The first bot is free and includes all features.
@ismail_can_demir The first bot is free and runs once an hour, while premium ones run every 15 minutes. And, with a license, you can create as much as 5 bots at the minimum.
@labnol I couldnt see free trial in pricing list. You should add it
Thanks for adding Twitter Bots here. Some useful resources: Twitter Bots Documentation: What can you do with Twitter Bots: Getting Started Guide:
@labnol 👌🏻👍🏻😁🙏🏻
@labnol I am super excited I just bought 5 bots to start out and I am about to get a lot more time back into my life!
Interesting product but it may be nice to offer a free month or a trial.
@khalil_fadhel You can create a single Twitter bot for free and use it forever
Looks interesting! Developer, does the free plan (for 1 bot) include access to all the features? In your FAQ, you mention that free bots run once per hour, while paid ones run every 15 minutes. Any other limitations for the free plan? Do you also plan to support active development of the app for the next year? Thanks. (edit: it seems the free plan is no longer available.)
@irvingooi The free plan is still available - Create your twitter bot at - the only limitation is that it would run once per hour while premium bots run every 15 minutes.
@labnol My mistake, on the site it only shows 5/10/enterprise under "Purchase Bots". Can i confirm that the free plan is available at the link you provided? (which forwards me to Google for immediate signup)
@labnol @irvingooi Look at the "Get it" link on this Product Hunt listing? It takes you the Twitter Bots page. Not the actual page where the bot creation happens. You can read all the information there.
You can create your first twitter bot at and it's completely free. You need to write zero code, there's no need no hosting space as the bots are hosted on Google. The bots that RT, AutoReply, DM, Follow, Add to Lists and more. The premium plan lets you create up to 10 bots.
@labnol Will you be adding the option to Unfollow? Or is it against their TOS for a bot to auto-unfollow?
@irvingooi Unfollow is currently not on the roadmap but if enough people request, I may add it in a future release of #twitterbots
@labnol Keeping my fingers crossed then!