A macOS app for Twitter DM & tweeting from the menu bar

#5 Product of the DayNovember 20, 2018

The main purpose of Twizzy is to be a standalone messenger for Twitter. You can use it in collapsed or expanded mode. It supports everything that messages on Twitter support: gifs, images, stickers, etc. You can also send tweets directly from the menu bar. You can attach images, gifs, polls, etc. The support for multiple accounts is coming soon.

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Hey there PH! Huh, I'm finally releasing the app that I've been personally using in the past 5 months! πŸ˜„οΈ I was wasting too much time on Twitter whenever I wanted to send a message or a tweet, so I made Twizzy. The main purpose of it is to be a standalone messenger for Twitter DMs. But I also have blocked when I'm doing creative work, so I added functionality to tweet from the menu bar. This has dramatically reduced the time that I spend on Twitter, and hopefully it will help you too 😊 Let me know if you have any questions πŸ™οΈ
@thekitze If I block using SelfControl app (based on /etc/hosts), will I still be able to post Tweets from your app?
@thekitze Hey! I am facing issues trying to load the website. I see the landing page briefly, the message element moves to the left and then the entire page vanishes. Tried it with Safari, chrome and firefox, but same issues.
I'm not sure I can move away from Tweetdeck as it's the best tool for monitoring my timeline, @mentions, and any reference to Product Hunt on Twitter. But this is a clever tool to reduce distractions while making tweeting easily accessible. Nice work, @thekitze. πŸ‘
@mentions @rrhoover Thanks Ryan!
The landing page is beautiful. Bought the app because I need it badly.
@mightyalex Thank you!
Love the landing page & the app, Kitze 😍 I unfollowed everyone & kept them in lists to reduce my time spent on Twitter 🀣
@deadcoder0904 Thanks! Good idea :)
Noice! Did you write it using Swift?
@nickchuckwalter Nope, it's Electron