Refined Twitter improves the Twitter experience by removing cruft and adding useful features.

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

Some of the best features are: Embedding linked Instagram photos directly in the tweet, syntax highlighting of code blocks, auto-loads new tweets in the stream if you're scrolled to the top, removes promoted tweets.

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30 Reviews4.8/5
Oh my god, this is what I've needed my entire life. The perfect blend of Tweedeck and Twitter. @sindresorhus, kudos. This is a powerfully simple extension for any Twitter addict. You won't notice some of the tweaks at first (eg. auto-updating twitter feed, Instagram pictures automatically included, auto-formatted code, and more), but they're crazy powerful. Can't wait to tell everyone about this. 👏👏👏
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I have previously built a very successful browser extension, Refined GitHub, that improves the GitHub experience. This time I want to make Twitter better. Why wait for a huge corporation to prioritize users when we can leave it in the hands of the amazing open source community! Hopefully, Twitter will notice and steal some of the ideas. Let me know about your pain-points with Twitter and how we can make it better for you.
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@sindresorhus Been using Refined GitHub for some time. Time to give Refined Twitter a whirl! EDIT: Can we have an option to disable certain features like with Refined GitHub?
I did something similar a while ago. Did it have the honor of being an inspiration for Refined Twitter? 🤔 Mine simply hides stuff, though. Refined Twitter does way more useful things. 😀 Cool product, will use! The improved scroll performance is my favorite feature! 🙌
@hristiyandodov amazed with your honesty 😉
Ah, clever idea. @sindresorhus Kudos! But really the platform which needs such a decluttered feed is "FACEBOOK". Pls work on it next. (Just "feed" me my friends and family updates, not all the crap!)
@thisiskp_ I absolutely agree. I won't be the one fixing that though, as I no longer use Facebook.
@sindresorhus @thisiskp_ Facebook moves stuff around daily, any changes to it are doomed to last very little or require frequent updates.

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