Gorgeous Mac client for Twitter, based on the mobile Twitter website. It has a beautiful and minimal interface, a convenient standalone Tweet composer, and it supports common macOS shortcuts. It also has a status bar icon for quick access.

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Got the inbox app by the same developers. Overpriced for a web wrapper and insanely buggy. Looks like they're going to keep pumping out wrappers without ever going back to update the old ones as the inbox app has NOT gotten better.
Hey Product Hunters! 👋 @linuz90 and I made Boxy for Twitter using our experience crafting great Mac wrappers for web services we love. You might know us for the original Boxy, Mac client for “Inbox by Gmail” and the upcoming Boxy Suite (boxysuite.com). 🤔 Problem We love Twitter and there are no native Mac clients that support all of its features and provide a truly authentic Twitter experience. 🛠 Solution We built a wrapper around the great mobile web app that will always stay updated with the latest features, since Twitter itself is maintaining that website. We’re adding some features that, as Twitter junkies, we find ourselves very useful, like the standalone tweet composer that you can open with the shortcut Cmd+N. We also added a nice status bar icon to quickly launch the app when you need it. You can also press CMD+1, 2, 3, 4 to easily navigate between Home, Explore, Notifications and Messages, and CMD+F to Search. 🤓 We’re eager to know what you think Let us know if you have feature requests or issues, this is first version and we already have some neat ideas for future updates. Thanks to @rjonesy for giving us early feedback! 🙌 💖 Product Hunt has always been supportive and motivating, so if you hunters visit the website you should find a sweet coupon code to get 25% OFF the official price. Cheers!
You're charging for a wrapper? 🤔 I am all about supporting devs, but what value do you offer on the top? One can easily wrap the site using Coherence, Chrome's upcoming return of wrapped sites, or nativefier with or without GUIs devs have made for it- is there a reason I would purchase your app instead? I see the few features you've listed (shortcuts, menubar, separate compose window)- any other features planned? My other issue with using Twitter natively is the ads and non-chronological ordered content- even Twitter's own Tweetdeck still avoids those and has tons of settings, which I prefer- so maybe in the end I'm just not the target market, but I'm always willing to check out various Twitter apps and just curious if I could see a reason this one would be worth a purchase.

It's currently buggy and feature lacking, as with most new applications. I would suggest giving this one some time to mature and improve in quality before purchasing it. Judging by Boxy 2 it has good potential for the future.


A Twitter for Mac client!


Lacking in features/buggy, basically a thin wrapper for the web application.

I won't recommend it as it is not free.



Looks like an official app.


The price. Their should be a free option.

I despise this kind of thinking. You should pay for things you like and use.
"I won't recommend it as it's not free" lolol