Find interesting people to follow on Twitter, organized, by category. The entire site is made and managed from a spreadsheet only and will be updated regularly. You can also find the list on Twitter.

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Hello Product Hunters πŸ‘‹ First of all, a big thank you to @chrismessina for hunting this project! I always like to work on weekend projects, this time I wanted to make something I could share with friends when mentioning Twitter to them. I can now just send them the link and they can see a list of interesting Twitter users and can filter it by category. The entire site is managed from a spreadsheet only, with the help of Sheet 2 Site thanks to @andreyazimov. πŸ™Œ In the list of 'Around The Web' links, you will notice a Twitter link. This is the link to a public Twitter list to make it easier for you. Can you think of someone else I should add? Or maybe categories or other suggestions? Let me know, I'd love to hear it!
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@guillaumebardet This is a great idea! I'd suggest being able to login with Twitter and adding a follow button directly on each card, so you can follow peeps faster.
@federicojorge Thank you for getting involved and for your kind feedback! Absolutely, I wasn't sure how it would go so I wanted to keep the first version very simple. I will start to work on a 2nd version quite soon. Twitter login and a quick follow have been two of the most requested features πŸ˜€
Finally you launched it!!
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@harowitzblack Haha yes, it was about time! Thanks to you always telling me to ship things already πŸ˜…
Upvoted because I'm in πŸ’œ
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@hypervillain Thank you for getting involved Hugo, I am really glad you liked it πŸ™Œ
Congrats with the launch man! I remember when you just started with a couple of people and now there are hundreds! Great job! Can you please add followers numbers and filters like: [1,000] [1,001...5,000] [5,001...10,000] [10,000+] Thanks for made it with Sheet 2 Site
@andreyazimov Thank you very much for your suggestion Andrey, that would definitely be a good addition! πŸ™ŒThank you again for the few I reached out and you very quickly got back and helped. I hope Sheet 2 Site is going great and I wish you the best with it and all your other projects πŸ™‚

It’s pretty cool to innovate on the FollowFriday culture! I discovered new people to follow and engage with.

Why not loading usersβ€˜ bio so that we can search by keywords too?


Ordered by category, well designed