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I've been playing with Twitter Polls for the past month. The engagement rate is remarkable (I've seen up to 10% of my followers engage with a poll); however, that's likely inflated because the feature is new. I honestly struggled to think of useful things to ask from my personal account but I can image several use cases for brands and for us with @ProductHunt. @tdd - why limit to only two options? @drew wrote a piece on TechCrunch criticizing this limitation. P.S. @carmeldea and I chatted with @Jason about Twitter Polls on This Week in Startups last month.
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@rrhoover Is this another opportunity for me to ask for PH polls? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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@rrhoover There might also be limited engagement because all (as of right now) 3rd party apps don't support polls (especially Tweetdeck), definitely seems that recent releases (Highlights, Moments, and now Polls) are meant to bring users back to the native twitter experience.
@rrhoover 2-choice? Got'a start somewhere! Stay tuned... You're right, engagement is quite high. Novelty is undoubtedly part of it, but I expect it to be a small part. When you look at some of the polls that have gone big, they tend to be ask questions where people have real opinions or they are jokes. Here's a fun example from Norm Kelly, City of Toronto Councillor and Drake fan where he cites some of Drake's lyrics: https://twitter.com/norm/status/... I'm headed over to Twitter's Flight conference - I'll check back later!
@jsneedles, In your view would you limit polling to the hunters/makers? @rrhoover
@calc I'd open it to everyone
Hey everyone - thanks for the questions and comments! We built polls as an extremely easy way for people to meaningfully engage on Twitter. Polls are simply to create, last 24 hours, and the fact that you voted and how you voted is not shared with your followers. The team and I are excited to see what people do with 2-choice polls and we're looking forward to executing on our roadmap. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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@tdd What's the most unexpected use you've seen for polls so far? Also, nice feature, excited to try it! :)
@johannbenedikt @tdd We intentionally built it to be general purpose, so in some sense we expect the unexpected. Letting Twitter decide something is a powerful use case I hope to see more of. For example, the Raiders asked "Who do you want to go behind the scenes with at today's practice? 1) Latavius Murray or 2) Aldon Smith". https://twitter.com/RAIDERS/stat... Then they delivered: "You voted. We took you inside practice with @AldonSmith." https://twitter.com/RAIDERS/stat...
Been jealous of all those people with Polls enabled on Twitter. @rrhoover ;) Can't wait to finally try it :) https://blog.twitter.com/2015/in...
This is a fantastic way that Twitter is expanding beyond the limits of 140 characters. People use polls all the time (a la retweets and favorites) on Twitter. This is a fantastic addition to the platform. Love the pace of innovation from Jack and Team right now.
@j3oldt Glad you like it!
I second @rrhoover here. I love this new addition to Twitter and can't wait to try it out! Think it has the potential of being huge in collecting immediate feedback. However, why only two options? Doesn't that drastically limit the kinds of questions people can/will ask?