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January 25th, 2021

Jam with an expert
Summon a Genie
Today, the team over at Jam dropped Jam Genies.

Maker Dani Grant explains the product:

"A network of amazing experts from Facebook, Slack, Netflix, Snap, and others to help you improve your website.

How it works: just choose a genie, pick a time, pay their one-time fee, and Jam with them. It’s one-on-one help from an expert, on-demand, about your exact problem."

Jam launched last year as a way to collaboratively work on your website right from the page. It enables you to leave comments and discuss improvements directly on your site. Next came Jam wand enabling copywriters to make site copy-edits without requiring an engineer. Now with Jam Genies experts can weigh in and give advice on your product pain points.

This latest Jam update is giving us some Superpeer vibes. A sort of "Calendly-meets-Cameo" where users can book 1 on 1 meetings with influencers through direct calender links.

Would you pay to jam with an expert ? Let's us know in the comments.

We find 1:1's with an expert pretty great. So much so we also have our own network of mentors and peers you can chat with.
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