Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 27th, 2020

Upvoted Vol. III: Clean it up
Clean my data
Last week, Kitty dropped their end of year mixtape featuring the most upvoted products of 2020. This week we’re continuing the countdown:

15. DropInBlog for Shopify lets users embed a blog into Shopify store in only 3 minutes.

“Best solution out there! Lots of SEO features that you won't find elsewhere. Great product.” - Ben

14. PeerBoard is a community platform designed to integrate seamlessly into an existing website or product.

“Very clean UX and fits the market need. The documentation is also easy to help integration almost a no-code solution for building professional community within a private/public ecosystem.” - Varun

13. xpression camera is a virtual camera app that imprints the movements of your face and head onto anyone you want while you chat on Zoom, Twitch, or Youtube.

“Really impressed by the quality of xpression camera's results... their custom models are capable of creating very convincing digital face puppets!” - Chris

12. Blush is a plugin and web app that lets users add beautiful illustrations from different artists to their designs.

“The browser based editor is brilliant, really easy to use but immensely powerful (especially for someone like me lacking illustrator skills).” - Liam

11. Mine is an app that lets users discover their digital footprint and remove their personal data from services they no longer use.

“Cleaning up my digital footprint was a good way to start the new year.” - Ben

Tomorrow we’ll kick off the top 10 most upvoted products of 2020. Can you guess who made the cut?
Black mirror or reality?

A full-face modular mask with HEPA filters.

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