PeerBoard is a modern community platform designed to live as an organic part of your existing website or product. Now you can easily create an engaged discussion space wherever your users already are - no more siloed external platforms or legacy forums!
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Thanks @Kevin and hello hunters! My name is Mikhail, and I'm one of the creators and the CEO at PeerBoard. Having spent years at Facebook and watched multiple great communities grow, we decided to create a frictionless platform for the ever-evolving community space. Meet PeerBoard πŸ™‚ PeerBoard is a plug & play community platform, a place for your members to share in-depth knowledge and help each other. The platform is optimized to work as a section of your website, and you can integrate it into any setup, from WordPress to custom-built environments. We're in our early stages of product development. Still, we are ready to open the doors to our second wave of partners: professional marketplaces, product companies, and private and public communities of all sorts. Welcome, and I hope we can be of help. Let me know if you have any questions! Also, feel free to message me directly in Telegram or on Twitter: @vernon99 in both cases
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@kevin @vernon99 Congratulations for PeerBoard. Neat UI.
@kevin @vernon99 Congratulations for the launch. A quick question about PeerBoard WP Plugin - does it work as stand alone community plugin? or it just connects admin dashboard of a PeerBoard community site to WP dashboard?
Very clean UX and fits the market need. The documentation is also easy to help integration almost a no-code solution for building professional community within a private/public ecosystem.
@satyam284 thanks, yeah, we spend probably more than half of the development time polishing our integration capabilities and guides. Still a lot to improve so please don't hesitate to share any feedback!
Finally, platform independent community platform πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
@ddumik long due and not so long in the making :)
We work with peerboard and they are the best integration, product, team and mission we ever worked with. Deep kudos for the amount of love @mikhail and the team shares with communities through their tech enablement for them.
Thanks @alina_trigubenko, real pleasure working with your team and powering this layer of your platform for coaching communities!
Congratulations! I love this UI! Do you plan to integrate with other CMS?
@kirill_tereshchenko absolutely! If you have any requests, please let us know. Either here or in our integration requests list here: