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#2 Product of the MonthJanuary 2020
Mine’s app lets you discover your digital footprint and remove your personal data from services you no longer use.
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Am I the only one here concerned about giving an access to my emails to Mine?
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@marek_poul Meh, I did it. I completely regret it, thus I revoked the permissions. Someone had to be the guinea pig. Happy to have taken the bullet for you! Haha. But for real, knowing what I know now, I wish I would have done more research before granting them access. It's a really cool idea if it could actually work as advertised, however, the value proposition of the product does not equal the value received from the product. Here's the Value Proposition: "With Mine, you can discover all the companies that hold your personal data in 30 seconds." Here's the Value: IF you have a Microsoft or Gmail account, THEN they can PROBABLY discover 90% of the user accounts that were established online using that ONE email address. The internet, like myself, has been publicly available since 1989. We've all had more than one email address in our lives, far beyond Gmail and Microsoft. Your data exists in far more places online than Mine will ever be able to...well...mine. Think about it. You've probably had most of these across a slew of domains and providers over the years: - An email address from high school - A college email address - A personal email address - A new personal email address - A work email for every employers you've ever had - That email you use for coupons, receipts, memberships and other junk you need but would rather not see in your regular mail. - An email address assigned to you by your ISP. - An email address assigned to you by your other ISP when you switched providers that one time. - An email address for freelancing/side-hustle/private contract projects. And frankly, when a product's perceived value does not equal it's true value, I don' t trust that the product is solid.
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@_jason_michael, their intent is right. They need some data in order to help you clean. They can't magically wipe out everything can they?
@marek_poul @_jason_michael dear Jason, thanks for the message. Please remember that we are still an early stage startup :) We decided to start with Google And Microsoft email providers, but obviously we are working to add more such as Yahoo, AOL, etc. If you are using Google or Microsoft, we do cover 90% of the footprint that can be found within the inbox. In the future, we will let our users to scan all their inboxes to manage everything under one roof.
@marek_poul @_jason_michael i think the real solution is rather to use a different email for each website/service. This could be done quite easily with email alias service like SimpleLogin. (Disclaimer : i’m the founder 😅)
Hi, I like the idea, but I have a comment as someone who has received a few of these Mine emails today. There's no way for me to know that these emails are legit. I have to literally email the user's email address to confirm that this GPDR request is coming from my customer. Otherwise, I have to take into consideration that someone has just used Mine to ask an app to delete someone's data. I have no problem with GPDR requests, and we have automated ways to delete data based on customer request, but I'm not able to cut out the process of having my customer directly tell me to delete their data because of your service. If you can send the email on behalf of the user's email, that would make it more likely for me to accept the GPDR request directly
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@boxerbk I agree with this!
@boxerbk @tommygriffith @carles_bonfill We are validating our users through OAUTH2. They are generating the requests themselves, not us. We are just initiating the requests for them. We also write in the DSAR that the company may reach out to the user, directly, to continue the verification. Going forward, we will take a power of attorney from our users, and will work on their behalf.
@boxerbk @carles_bonfill @gal_ringel But how do we, as webmasters, verify that? Also if we block incoming email from your domain, what will happen?
@carles_bonfill @gal_ringel @tommygriffith Yes. That's not a solution at all. The emails must come from the user's email that matches the email address associated with their account.
Thanks, @benln for hunting us <3 Hey product hunters! Did you know that most people have over 350 companies holding their personal data? 😱 I’m Gal, CEO here at Mine, a web app for users who love the internet but also care about their personal data. Having been on the inside of the tech world, my co-founders and I saw how people, and even ourselves are losing trust in companies. As three entrepreneurs, investors and tech geeks, we set out to do what we know best: use technology to solve problems. With Mine, you can discover all the companies that hold your personal data in 30 seconds. Then, with one click, request your right-to-be-forgotten, from any company you choose! Our goal is to help you reduce unnecessary online exposure, without compromising your digital experience. Whoever said what’s Mine is yours, we disagree. 🤓 After a year in stealth, we are finally ready to welcome you to the future of data ownership! We were recently nominated as top15 most promising startups in Israel for 2019 by TechAviv and were very humbled to present our vision @ Skynews. We’re constantly working to make Mine better, so we’d love to hear your thoughts. YOLO (You Only Launch Once) Cheers, Gal
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@benln @gal_ringel so the solution is for people to give you access to their email so they can wipe out way less important information on other websites?
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@benln @tommasobarbugli1 We unlock the power of your email inbox, by helping you find traces that companies left there during interactions you've made such as "signing-up to a new service", "buying a product online", "booking a flight ticket", etc. We do that by only looking at the email subjects, and reflect the companies's list back to you. We DO NOT process or collect the content of the emails or your personal data. We are inline with GDPR regulations and fully transparent on how we run our business.
@tommasobarbugli1 @owenfar1 thanks for helping here! In terms of email providers, at the moment we support Google and Microsoft and are working on adding more providers such as Yahoo, AOL, etc.
@gal_ringel @owenfar1 "trust is required, but they seem legit" 🤦‍♂️
@benln @tommasobarbugli1 @gal_ringel It would be awesome if Google creates more finetuned permissions for GMail access for 3rd party services like this. I am not ready to give a new startup access to my entire history of emails as those can contain sensitive data, personal documents etc. However I am OK with giving access to the history of my emails sent and received that include the sender/receiver and subject line. Would be nice if Google allowed to give only this specific info :-)
We, at Designmodo, have received two requests from this service today :) It seems to work well for registered users and subscribers. Thank you for using the Absurd Design Illustrations on your website!
UPDATE: We don't process the requests from MINE anymore. The 90% of these requests are not eligible to be processed because users aren't registered on the website. I'm not sure how the process of collecting companies work, but it's a big issue than we can't find the requester email in our userbase (time waste).
Cleaning up my digital footprint was a good way to start the new year. Congrats on the launch Mine!