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September 10th, 2020

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Our guess is that most of you have heard of Stripe Checkout — you’ve maybe even integrated it into your own site (we have). Yesterday, Stripe launched the new version of Checkout on Product Hunt. Stripe have built this, quite literally, 'so you don't have to.'

For anyone not in the know, Stripe Checkout is a prebuilt, hosted payment page optimized for conversions, now with:

⚙️ Address auto-complete and real-time card validation
💻 Multi-device functionality
📱 Apple Pay and Google Pay
🌐 Support for 25+ languages and 135+ currencies
🌍 10 international payment methods
🎨 Customization with your logo and brand colors

These features are intended to save you time (and hundreds of lines of code) to focus on your actual product. Their demo does a pretty good job of showing how it works. They’ve also made it easier to integrate Checkout across use cases, like platform payments and subscriptions. And of course - it works with Stripe's customer billing portal which lets your subscribers update their payment details and manage their subscriptions without needing to reach out to your support team. A pretty nifty time saver.

Here’s what the Product Hunt community had to say:

"I Love Stripe Checkout. It's super easy to implement and manage." - Sujith

"Instead of building one from scratch we can just use this! Will save us so much time." - Philip

"I've been using Checkout for a couple months now and I'm super excited you guys finally released the coupons for one-time payments! 🎉 Can't wait to start using it. Nice work!!" — Spencer

Dare we say it: if you’re looking for the fastest way to integrate Stripe, you may want to… check it out. 🥁
Facebook just launched, um, well, Facebook.

Students can sign up to Facebook Campus using their college email address to access a space just for their classmates. Déjà vu anyone? 🙃

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