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September 7th, 2020

There’s a nap for that
What does a lifehacker and NBA Star have in common with you and me? Sleep.

Yesterday Pzizz launched a big update to its sleeping app which originally launched in 2006.

Pzizzis one of the OG sleep apps. This app combines scientific research with internal learnings to create “Dreamscapes” tailored to improve your sleep cycle.

After nearly 15 years, Pzizz made its name in the space. NBA pros, seasoned journalists, and celebrities swear by it. Some claim it cured their insomnia, improved their sleep quality, and eased traumas.

Pzizz’s CEO, Rockwell Shah, explains how they do it on Product Hunt:

“Meditation is great. But there are so many other techniques that can help you get better sleep. Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Training, Psycho-acoustics, HRV Breathing, Sleep hypnosis, CBT-i, Guided Imagery, and more. The research even shows that combining techniques is generally more effective than using one alone.”

The app is loved by millions now but Pzizz origins were quite humble and many will see resemblances to Winamp, the legendary music player with its own skin museum.

Pzizz is one of many aiming to improve (and capitalize on) sleep. Here are some other sleep apps you want to check out:

Drift is a free app that showcases the sights and sounds of beautiful locations around the world.

Rise Sleep automatically tracks your sleep debt and circadian rhythm.

Sleepedy connects you with a sleep coach and uses sleep therapy to improve your sleep.

SleepTuner is a tiny wearable sensor giving you much of the same data as a sleep lab.

TickTot is a child sleep timer and tracker.

Bambú is a sleep and meditation journal for Spanish speakers.
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