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October 10th, 2019

"We print video"
Check out the art

Infinite Objects’s slogan is “we print video.”

Like you, we didn’t know video was printable, but Infinite Objects has a clear-cut vision. 👀

“Our idea is simple, yet radical: we think video should be valued the same way prints, posters, and photography have been for centuries. We're doing this by permanently 'printing' digital (video) content on a physical object," - Infinite Objects Founder Joe Saavedra

The result is a Harry Potter-esque collection of digital artwork that moves. 💯

How it works: Each “infinite object” holds up to 24 hours of video playing in a perpetual loop, ultimately delivering the same experience as an art print or photograph. The permanent video can never be updated, which is what makes Infinite Objects different from other digital art display startups like Electric Objects (now defunct), Meural, Aura Frame and Joy. The video prints have no connectivity or app to hook up to; to turn your artwork on, you simply take it out of the box.

The idea was born out of a partnership between GIPHY and the design firm Planeta — the founding team wanted to explore “how creating physical expressions for digital content could redefine how we sell, buy, experience, and value video content.”

The initial collection of video prints features work from visual artists like Allison Bagg, Peter Burr, and Sara Ludy, who have created limited-edition pieces for the digital frames. Right now, each work is priced at $399.

Would you buy a video print?


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