Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 7th, 2019

Data data data

Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Mode Analytics. 

Fresh off of its Series C, collaborative analytics platform Mode has a new product launch today. It’s called Helix, and it’s an instant, responsive data engine that combines modern business intelligence and interactive data science. 📈

Since the company launched in 2014, data-driven organizations like Lyft, Twitch, and Invision have used Mode’s streamlined, code-first analytics workflow. In the past, companies have had to choose between two paths — traditional business intelligence tools for the average user and data science applications for more technical workflows. Starting today, Mode is bringing both into a single platform.

A few reactions to Helix:

“Changed my life. I was able to visualize more than 4.6M rows of data for the first time.”

“Helix is saving us weeks of development time because we can build new dashboards quicker than ever before.”

“Marketers, PMs, and executives are also discovering new opportunities and asking new questions.”

“We average hundreds of thousands of customer interactions a day, looking at interactions per city over the course of a month quickly became unworkably slow. Helix cuts this work in half - effectively doubling our productivity.”

Why it matters: In a recent survey conducted by Mode, 49% of respondents said the most inefficient part of working with data is making large datasets more manageable. Because Helix enables visual analysis on query results up to 10GB, data scientists and analysts can drastically reduce the need for repetitive aggregations and filters when writing queries. This helps data scientists uncover insights they wouldn’t have found otherwise. 👀

Helix also eliminates the need for analysts to spend time on unpredictable follow-up questions from business stakeholders. Mode customers with early access to Helix found a 36% drop in the number of data experts who said “answering follow-up questions from colleagues” was one of the most inefficient parts of their day. 💯

Check out Helix

Product News! 😻

Uber Works launches in Chicago. A new Sonos service lets you rent speakers. Tile unveils Sticker. And Amazon announces its first-ever Kindle for kids

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