The world’s first interactive photo album

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Hi Product Hunt, Here’s a new Obvious Ventures investment launching today: Joy. They’ve built a really elegant solution to the organization and sharing of family memories with a combination of software and hardware. Check it out at – I hope you like it. @ev
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@ev Perhaps I'm the only one that doesn't get this, correct me if I'm wrong Ev and team. 2.4 million tons of electronic waste hit US landfills each year! Of that 2.4 million tons of e-waste, we threw away or recycled 142,000 computers and over 416,000 mobile devices every day! It's not will they throw this away it's when and when they do this coupled with the's so much waste! We don't need more devices we need more intelligently developed and executed software that looks at the cloud computing landscape and says hmm this is where I can be impactful and this is where I can also do good for the environment Apple has sold a whopping 282 million iPads since the original debuted in 2010 What's sad is that we are infact the first generation that will not leave this place better off for the next generation and these are things that help to exacerbate the issue. I know you're within your right to literally make stuff just for the hell of it and who cares about the environment Nick...but when you get $2.5 million dollars from a firm that literally said their mission is to primarily fund, and I quote word for word: World-Positive is looking for companies that are built to make positive changes in the world through a fund called Obvious Ventures. Nothing about this screams "world-positive", it's cute and cool but it isn't world-positive. When I think of the 3.5 billion people suffering from Malaria I think of world- positive innovations to offset that, or Ebola. Not a photo album worth $500?!
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Thanks so much for the hunt @Ev ! So excited to launch Joy today. We invented the Joy Album because anyone can pick it up at anytime, and in one tap, access every important photo and video in my life. People can use the Joy Album to finally organize their photos and videos which are currently scattered everywhere. After speaking with all my friends especially those with kids, I know for certainty that no one has a good process or system to organize their photos these days. And it's getting more frustrating. So what we're doing is helping to solve people's photo mess and creating an amazing experience so people can actually enjoy their photos again. Please ask me questions, eager to get feedback, would love to hear from you! Alan Chan CEO, Joy
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@itsalanchan @ev Congratulations on the launch. I love seeing innovation in this space. Can't wait to get one.
@itsalanchan @ev wait reserve one, when do you ship?
@itsalanchan congrats on the launch and joining the obvious family. There's a trail of skeletons on the path to easily organizing and sharing photos, but your angle and position is one to envy
@george_dy Thanks George - really appreciate it. Will need to pick your brain soon on software challenges!!
@abdur congrats on shipping. Truly an amazing feat.
Gorgeous looking device. I recently got an Aura Frame (cc @abdur) and love it. Joy looks very similar but clearly intended to be more of an interactive "storybook". Funny enough, Electric Objects just launched their second gen digital display, EO2. Lots of movement in the Smart Home space lately.
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This makes a lot of sense! How much is it?
@gomattymo We have an amazing early bird special right now - Joy Album will retail for $499 but is currently 40% off for a limited time. Get one while they're hot and only $299! :)
@itsalanchan @gomattymo Why would I spend $300+ on this when I can buy a cheap tablet for $60 and install software on that to make it an interactive picture frame?
@tonybrix @gomattymo Great question Tony. Most tablets that are $60 are cheap...for a reason... Small screen, poor resolution, plastiky looking and feeling and working... Don't get me wrong, I love an inexpensive device and a tablet that I can check email and check Instagram with great. But we are all taking beautiful 10 MB photos now that deserve a bigger interface and beautiful layouts to tell a better story (vs. a 4x4 square). Joy is 13.3" full HD touchscreen made with the best materials and includes a wireless charging stand (we have proprietary wireless charging and the device has no ports and no wires at all). The JoyOS has a bunch of proprietary software that you can't get anywhere else like StoryTime (voice call with screen sharing of your photo albums). Most tablets that are over 13" are in the $700 to $1000 range so we've actually worked very hard to get our cost down. Last and most importantly, unlike a tablet, the Joy Album has no lock-screen, no other apps and no personal information that would be intended for your eyes only. Joy is built for the singular purpose of being the dedicated home for your photos and videos. Friends and family don’t have to be shy to pick up the Album, instead it is designed for interaction right off the wireless stand, inviting friends to pick it up and browse through any time.
This is brilliant. This is the only "social network" that my parents and in-laws would actually join.
@tomwilliams Thanks Tom! Our mission at Joy is to bring families and friends closer together.