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Hey all — Today we're taking a major leap forward Electric Objects. I'm thrilled to introduce two new products: - EO2, our all new digital display designed for art. - Art Club, our discovery service that delivers hand-picked art to your home. Learn more about both at https://www.electricobjects.com/ For those who haven't heard of EO before, our mission is to make discovering and enjoying great art in your home as easy as playing a song. Looking forward to answering any questions!
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@jrlevine Hi Jake! What's the biggest difference between EO1 and EO2?
@jrlevine I have the eo1, will we be getting hand picked art? Besides thinner and perhaps nicer, any plans to get rid of the power cable?
@mscccc Hey Mike! EO2 is 50% thinner and twice as fast. It also offers hardwood frames in Maple, Walnut, White and Black which means for the first time it fits into any style of decor.
@hotcodepush All EO1 owners will receive a 1 year free trial of Art Club! The new power cable on EO2 is orders of magnitude nicer. It's 10' feet long and hangs straight down from the display.
@jrlevine congrats jake!
Love our EO1 - We have it right as you walk in the front door. Pizza delivery guy (my night to cook) dropped off last night and was stunned at the quality. Currently showing a picture from my son's dorm room to feel more connected.
The new update and site look amazing!
Hi @jrlevine - Congrats on the update. Any plans for an API? Would love to play with sending art to others (paid or free)... Could be an awesome platform for delivery of art to the world (well, the world who can afford your device anyway) for 3rd party developers and content creators 👍🏻
@helloduane Great question — because EO2 can display any web URL you send to it, we've seen a lot of great projects start to emerge over the last few months. https://www.twilio.com/blog/2016... https://twitter.com/synopsi/stat... https://github.com/jed/electric-... https://github.com/harperreed/eo... Generally I believe that we'll learn a lot by continuing to support the open web, and our API/documentation will evolve alongside our developer community.
I've owned my EO for over 2 years and I love it. It's helped me discover and enjoy art in a whole new way. Really excited to see this product continue to evolve!