Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 9th, 2019

The best "warm and fuzzy" products

Name the word that doesn’t belong: candle, blanket, book, bath, tea, wine, software. 

I bet that wasn't too hard. 😉

When you think tech products you don’t normally think cozy, but we want to thank PH member Nichole DeMeré for making us question why not. She recently asked the community, “What products make you feel warm and fuzzy?“ We’ve gotten some...unexpected answers. Enjoy the rest of your fall with a new apprecation for the hominess of Trello.

A few of our favorite “warm and fuzzy” products:

😌 Headspace for meditating

“Headspace is one of my favorite apps, as well as the first one that comes to mind when someone says “warm and fuzzy.” The illustrations are perfect for making you feel relaxed and at ease. I not only love the the UX, but the product is extremely helpful. Often we’re so busy that we forget to take some time to reset.“ - Matt

✍️ Taskade for taking notes and chatting with teammates

“Love the sheep logo, pastel colors, and wallpaper backgrounds in the app.” - Evan

🎵 for your music habits

“Spotify is the best, always makes me feel at home” - Eric

🙌 Trello for organizing

“I've been always in love with Trello. I just love it's smooth and never-changing interface and UX. Simple and solid - just all genius things are. Their Kawaii mascot Taco makes the emotions even stronger.” - Alexander

Check out the full list here (or add your favorite *cozy* product!). 👈

The coziest products

It's World Mental Health Day 🙏Some of our favorite mental health products: An open source cognitive behavioral app, a 30-day bootcamp for wellness, a mindful affirmations app and an emotion tracking app based on Stoicism

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