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#5 Product of the DayOctober 10, 2019
10Web is a best solution for:
✅Any website built & hosted on 10Web automatically gets a 95+ Google PageSpeed score
✅All migrated websites to 10Web dramatically improve their speed score with one click
✅The load time of a website hosted at 10Web is 1.5s
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21 Reviews4.5/5
It requires too much time and resources to get your website a Google Page Speed score of 95+ . You need to improve and change hundreds of things like minifying Javascripts, optimizing images and more. This can take you too much time when instead you could’ve spent it on growing your business. This is why we came up with a solution, that helps all the websites built & host with 10Web automatically have 95+ Google page speed score. It gives you a huge advantage over your competitors and all you have to do is to spend an hour or 2 and build a brand new website with 10Web. To celebrate the launch we are giving everyone a 50% discount with coupon code “10Web95” Looking forward to hearing your feedback and seeing your page speed results.
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@artavazd_minasyan Does the Wordpress also work with Elementor?
@artavazd_minasyan @stephenchip Would love to know this as well!
@artavazd_minasyan but your main site is 85 on speed score?
We shifted all our Wordpress sites to 10web, as it's more convenient, fast and they have the best support :)
@narek_vardanyan Thank you. Your appreciation means a lot to us.
Great job 10web team! I believed in you from the beginning. Never don't stop and go ahead!
@createque Thanks a lot! We really appreciate your support!
We started 2 months ago with 10web and we can highly recommend it. Due to the fact that our website is hosted on the Google Cloud also help us to get a better speed (and ranking) in Google. A big thank you to the team!
@webace Thank you so much! Happy to see our customers happy 🙂