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#4 Product of the DayOctober 11, 2019
Instead of maintaining several reading lists, email links to read/watch later to my@itemsy.com. You will get them delivered as a beautiful personal newsletter. No registration or login needed, just email.
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Hey there 👋! I'm one of the makers of Itemsy. We've always been reading a lot and clearly content overload has lately become a bit too much. It all started when we asked ourselves the question: what would my 5⭐️ experience of reading content online look like? There are always new articles, videos, podcasts, blogs, tweets, websites, books or plaintext thoughts that I'd discover or get recommended by friends. It's impossible to consume all that content as soon as it arrives. But it's also really important that it doesn't get lost and I do get round to going through it at some point. I would use several reading lists (or apps) which is a great solution in many ways. But they didn't feel like a problem off your chest. On the contrary, you need to remember where all your reading lists are so you get back to them at some point. I still have several of those buried somewhere on my computer. Another big problem with reading lists is that it's so difficult to just pick the next item to read. Which list do I go for? Do I start off the top or at the bottom? And when I've picked up that one article or video, I'm pretty sure there was a specific reason why I'd saved it or perhaps someone recommended it to me but I've forgotten now. Also, I'm pretty sure I've saved something more recent and relevant on the same topic since. At this point, all the context is gone. That's why we built Itemsy around the exact experience I would've wanted for myself. Here is how it works: 1. Start emailing links to any content you want to save for later to [my at itemsy.com] (optionally, include a note or email of a person you want to share it with) 2. You get delivered your personalised newsletter that's just the right volume so you can read it as soon as you get it To me personally, the main thing has been that I can forget all about the reading lists and actively trying to find time to go back to them. Just dump all the links onto Itemsy, they won't get lost and will be delivered to you in bite-sized chunks at a frequency of your choice. We'd love for you to try it out. Signing up takes 10 seconds: itemsy.com You are what you read.
Hey Piotr! Cool idea. Is it possible to send the newsletter to more recipients? Would be nice if you could share the newsletter with a whole team. What are your thoughts about that?
@dmuellr Hi, that's actually a feature that we recently launched. Please visit https://itemsy.com/share and feel free to reach out to me if you need a hand setting it up.
Using it for a few weeks already and I'm a great fan of it! I love the simplicity of interfacing with the service via email only (this should remain your axiom forever!). I find the share functionality especially useful to share stuff with my team - we used to send links all over the place: email, Telegram, social media, etc., creating a lot of noise. Now we get a nice daily email digest. I'm looking forward to new features (yes, I badly want "RSS to newsletter" and "spam aggregator" ;-).
@wgromniak Thanks a lot, glad to hear!
I like the concept! Have you though about a browser extension as well to reduce the steps?
@bdemaze Yes, that's definitely coming soon
@bdemaze We've just launched Chrome (https://chrome.google.com/websto...) and Firefox (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US...), please do check them out!
Looks great. Curious to know how this works on the back end. Can you share some insights behind the product. Are you able to alter the intervals between emails?
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! The way it works at the moment, you can specify in your settings on which days of week your newsletter arrives. If you choose not to do it, newsletter frequency will roughly reflect how active you've been (how many items you've been sending).
@grupiotr Nice, thanks for sharing.