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#1 Product of the DayOctober 10, 2019
TripCost is a website that estimates the cost of your trip. TripCost has info about the price for a cup of coffee, a cinema ticket, a McMeal, a pint of local beer, a bus ticket, flight, hotel and hundreds of other things.
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Hi hunters 👋, we are a group of software developers from 🇰🇿Kazakhstan. Travel planning did not really change in the past few years. What we are used to is go to a 🏨hotel booking website, then to a ✈️flight search engine, then a hundred more websites add them on a spreadsheet or something to plan our budget for our trip. We thought this experience is time-consuming and it just crappy and it would be nice to get the planning done in a single click. So we started with 💸TripCost as our after side project a few months ago to change that. TripCost is free and has no ads, so leave your feedback, it is super important for us to hear from you PH. In our single page trip planner we have managed to get info about: ✈️ Your cheapest flight to the desired city 🏨 Average price hotels for each category 🛬Whether if you need a visa on arrival to the country 🛰Internet speed in the arriving city, so you could upload that Instagram story📱The cost for a local SIM with 5G/10GB internet traffic 🇬🇧English speaking comfort score for a traveler(signs/cafe menus/locals speaking basic English) 🚕The most popular taxi app in the city(It ain't Uber everywhere) 👨‍⚕️Competency of medical staff 👮‍♀️Safety walking alone scores by day and night 🍕Food cost, from fine dining to street food 🍾Nightlife, prices for cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, entrance to clubs 🏹Entertainment, we merged prices for cinema, museum, sightseeing prices to display you the prices, although this one is super hard to predict, so pay attention 🚎Day to day transportation, whether you are planning taxi/public transport 🚄Airport transfer options Kazakhs historically are nomads, so we highly encourage to become one :) If you are curious of what we do apart from TripCost check out -
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Congrats guys! Very cool concept and amazing execution! A few feature requests: 1) show top 5 one-liner surprising/non-obvious/insider travel tips for each city (e.g. for Gurgaon, India - call +91xxx to exchange rupees at the best rate; request a yoga instructor to your hotel room from; order the best Chicken-Tikka at 21 Gun Salute from Zomato; etc.); 2) show top 5 one-liner gotchas to avoid while in the city (e.g. don’t take the official cab from the airport, go to Terminal 3 Uber pick up and get an Uber; do not exchange money at Thomas Cook, call this # instead and the money exchange guy will come to your door; if you’re optimizing for cost, do not buy groceries at La Marche, go to Spensers instead). You can scrape that data from Tripadvisor/LonelyPlanet and use some NLP summarization algos. Continued success and looking forward to see what you build next!
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@suleimenov Backlogged! Thanks a lot
Thank you so much @kevin for hunting us! It is a great honor to be listed on PH. Dear hunters, pls enjoy our product. It is made with love for travelers, by travelers. Peace )
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Interesting. Good work guys. Do you plan on making this open source?
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Love the service, pretty accurate for Kyiv, Ukraine, from where I from
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