A gesture-controlled digital art canvas on your wall

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So awesome
Congrats to Jerry on the launch! There are some interesting partnerships brewing with Meural down the pipeline. Good competition for Electric Objects.
I think this would deserve a lot more love. I really wish 2 things though: 1. if it consumes less than a lightbulb why not make it a standalone rechargeable once it a while (or wireless charging?) After all it's made to be pretty so a cable kind of kill it. 2. If only it could use e-ink display and not led. So it's not backlit and feels as natural as possible. But this is the kind of product that needs to be seen. If it works as it claims I would definitely want one of those. Providing it's easy to change the content. It's definitely rightly priced.
@matgosselin 1. If wishes were fishes! We've experimented with every wireless power technology we can get our hands on, and nothing has come up to scratch. For V1, we're embracing the cord - it's available in black, white, and sky blue - and working hard to create a solution for wireless power in V2. Always the option of hiding the cord too, if preferred :) 2. Colour E-ink has some awesome qualities BUT it doesn't allow for nearly as many colours needed to beautifully display the world of art. Meural adjusts to the amount of light in the room - the idea is that it is always 'ambient', and never 'in your face' (unless you want it to be!). And re your last point - you can change content 3 ways: through gesture control at the frame, and mobile or web app.
@sim_paris Thanks Sim. For the last comment, i meant about how easy it is to find new content. How much does it cost etc... That's the key question. It depends on the size of the library, but people will have specific tastes... and don't want to spend too much time looking for things
@matgosselin Mathieu, hi. Great questions. - We partner with museums, galleries, impressive image libraries and individual artists to bring you the world of art and photography. - Your Meural comes with a monthly subscription giving you access to all art, photography and simple animations. For those who Pre-order, the monthly subscription is free for the first year. - For those of us who don't want to spend a lot of time deciding on what to put on the Meural, you can set your Meural to do the curating for you.
Very similar to @jrlevin's Electric Objects.
@rrhoover I'd say Meural looks less like a digital screen though compared to electric objects, and more like art, but it could just be the video/images/editing that had been done to show this. Both are super cool though. To those @meetmeural, any plans to allow for adding your own digital artwork so you can upload right to Meural? I think this would be cool if maybe I want some inspiration/motiviation for the week and want to put up some work from @startupvitamins
@rrhoover @meetmeural @startupvitamins @massarogi Yes! You can put your own art and photography on your Meural. And when you're in the mood to mix it up, we've got a serious and ever-expanding collection of classic, modern, and contemporary art (from the likes of 1000Museums, Sedition Art, Eyes on Walls...) for your Meural too :)
@jrlevin @rrhoover Thanks for the post Ryan! Excited to be here :)