Aura Frame

A smart picture frame for your family

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Today, we are launching Aura Frames, a smart picture frame for you and your family. This isn’t a pre-order or crowd funding campaign, you can order your Aura today and have in your house in five business days. What a novel idea! I know that digital picture frames induce eye rolls in the tech community. But what if you could get one that was beautifully designed? One that was easy to use, worked with your iPhone, and showed only your best photos? Well, we think Aura does that. Some cool features included in Aura: There are no buttons on Aura. Change photos using the app or by waving your hand in front of the frame. Choose a single photo, an album, or a person to display. If you enable “Smart Select” on a person, all of their photos, past and future, will appear on your frame. We won’t display any photos that are poor quality, duplicates, or contain nudity. Invite as many people as you want to share pictures to your frame. They don’t need to be in your house either, they can be on the other side of the world. I’ve had a multiple frames in my house for the last 6 months, and it never fails to make me smile. It really is the only thing I have ever owned, where it’s sole purpose is to make me smile. Check it out on our website!
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@abdur cool concept, but seems excessive and feels iky / controlling to have the maker of the device censoring what type of photos I want to display in my own home or office.
@anthonyadams Think of it this way. You can select the photos (manual). Or you can pick automatic. I think if you go the later it will be way more valuable in the long term. This also means automatic should try its best to not do anything wrong.
I may be a bit confused. If I buy this, I can select a manual or automatic mode? When I read your post it felt like the device blocked me from displaying certain types of images. If you have some automatic selector that is trying to be PG-13, that makes sense, but would also seem trivial to have an adult setting if people have taste that includes nudes -- plenty of nude imagery beyond "porn". I think the assumption that nudity is "wrong" is what feels weird to me, but I might be clearer on your offering now.
I've seen a ton of digital picture frames but few actually build something beyond a static slideshow. I met @abdur a few years ago when he was working on some wacky/creative location-based apps where he applied his expertise in data science to create unique experiences. I'm looking forward to playing with my Aura Frame but I'm more eager to see how the product evolves once it's in the wild with actual user data.
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@rrhoover @abdur What do you see here beyond a static slideshow?
@staticsteven - The cool thing about Aura is not just the way it intelligently selects photos, but also in the way it displays them. You can manually change photos using the app or with gesture control. Aura doesn't go into auto-slideshow mode, instead every time it goes to sleep, it will wakeup with a brand new photo. We didn't want to create a new take on a screensaver, more so a smart picture frame.
At $399, I think I'd rather buy an Electric Objects or Acanvas.
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@boymeetscode Agreed 100%. I have an EO one and it rocks
@pfanis @boymeetscode Good to know the world is not a zero sum game.
Co-signed. I've been fortunate enough to get my hands on one of these and I completely love it. The screen is brighter and more hi-def than any other frame or digital art product I've seen and it makes a huge difference for displaying photos of the people you love. It's very thoughtfully designed and there are nice little touches everyone in the product that you grow to appreciate with each passing day.
Have been lucky enough to test this out in the office and it's great for team photos etc.