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July 15th, 2019

Today in distracting technology: you can now watch Netflix at work and make it look like you’re on a conference call. 

Last week, Netflix Hangouts, a Chrome extension that disguises Netflix as a fake four-person conference call, made a splash on Product Hunt. During the “call,” your show of choice will appear in the bottom right grid, while three fake coworkers will appear in the other feeds. 

The concept is clever, though your coworkers might get suspicious if you’re hangin’ in a Hangout all day. Or if they catch Michael Scott in your meeting. 

Some instant reviews: 

“This is a terrible idea guys! So terrible it's gooooood” - Robby 

“Already watched season 3 of Stranger Things” - Mike 

“I don't see how this could possibly go wrong” - Sharon

The maker behind the project is Daniel Greenberg out of Mschf Internet Studios. Over the years, Daniel has made some truly weird, hilarious products that are very internet-y. Most recently, there was Track This by Firefox (opens 100 tabs to distract trackers), The Texting Doorbell (what it sounds like), FlexTime (FaceTime simulations with Kim Kardashian, Post Malone, etc.) and The Persistence of Chaos (malware art), to name a few. 

Check out all his projects here

Now go forth and watch Netflix! Meaning go to work. 😳

"This is so much fun." 


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