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This will be my third time doing Startup School. I think where it really shines is for solo founders like me. It really helped keep me honest with myself to discuss what I had done and what I will do at the weekly office hours. I would recommend Startup School to any startup but if you're a solo founder then I think you will find it especially valuable. The first time around, I worked on Pingy during startup school. A tool for sharing and shipping static websites. I'm really proud of the product but the market wasn't there for what I was creating. After beta testing with potential customers, I realised that Pingy had too many features. Web Developers all have very different processes, they are very fragmented. Pingy tried to get my customers to adopt too many new different approaches at once, rather than augmenting their existing toolset. I should have released a much more simple version earlier and iterated from there based on user feedback. You can still check out the Pingy landing page. I also open-sourced some stuff from the app as Pingy CLI (PH launch) . Unfortunately, I haven't managed to keep Pingy CLI up-to-date so I wouldn't recommend using it. The second time around at Startup School, I was more focused. My goal was to solve a problem and get it in front of customers as soon as possible. I've done a lot of Electron development work for clients and often all they want is a small wrapper around their existing web app. So, I decided to productize that, I know that there is a market for it. It took me about 6 months from conception to Product Hunt launch. Here's the landing page for ToDesktop and here's the launch on Product Hunt. It's still early days but I am potato profitable (I'm Irish, I eat potatoes instead of ramen noodles 😉). I have a roadmap of features that I'm excited to be working on and I have a bunch of happy customers who are eager to help me iterate and grow the product. Really excited to do my next round of Startup School.
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@davej Have the same feelings as you
Excited to join this year! Wherever you are in your startup journey I see it as a great way to get clarity and accelerate your business, with useful content whether you want to raise or bootstrap. This could take you from idea to first users/customers in 3 months, with a lot more guidance from 'been there, done that' experts than you'd get on your own, which is pretty cool. They also added the ability to find a co-founder through the platform for this cohort. A bit more skeptical about this one but cool nonetheless.
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Thanks for the opportunity and sharing all this knowledge. Looking forward to attend this YC SUS event for the first time.
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If you're working on a project, just do it. It's free. You'll get free shit. You meet great people. It's only an hour or so a week of work (and most of that is watching a youtube video). You'll thank yourself later.
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Sounds interesting, looking forward to sign up cause I got an error 504 here too. Also, when choosing my location, the dev tools console sais "You have exceeded your daily request quota for this API"
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