Track This by Firefox

We open 100 tabs to make trackers think you're someone else

Track This by Firefox is a new kind of incognito. Feel like ads on the internet know you too well? It's because they do. Let us open 100 tabs of pure madness to fool trackers into thinking you're someone else.
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What if I told you that on nearly every single website you visit, data about you was transmitted to dozens or even hundreds of companies, all so that the website could earn an additional $0.00008 per ad. The internet knows everything about you, so the ads you see are so personalized, you might not even realize you’re looking at an ad. This invasive behavior can make you feel commoditized and leaves you helpless to do anything about it. Track This gives you a chance to throw them off your trail. All you have to do is select one of four personas you want to embody, click a button, and we’ll open 100 tabs of Internet to help you step into someone else’s ad shoes.
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Nice idea and actually solving an issue! Great @15greenberg
Hilarious. And apart from the hit on the system, this might just be strangely efficient.
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This might be the funniest thing yet regarding online privacy omfgggggg
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cool; interesting concept
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