The Texting Doorbell

A doorbell that texts you "here" instead of ringing

Just text me when you're here... do NOT ring the bell!
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Last week, a tweet went viral about millennials killing the doorbell industry because they never ring… they just shoot a text saying here, so we are launching The Texting Doorbell. It’s a doorbell that when you ring it, it sends the text “here” to the owner of the home. We've been working on it for some time, and last week's tweet only made it more relevant. I've seen lots of use cases in beta testing such as parents with newborn babies, families with dogs, startup offices without the proper doorbell wiring, and of course the average millennial who is “afraid of the jarring bell sound”.
everyone has their own opinion on this question
lol this is sweet, i can see this been used more really, like it makes it fun as opposed to just pulling up and waiting for them to respond to "here"
Like the idea. Site has like no info on it. Does it require batteries? What size? How long do they last? Does it require Wifi? How do you pair it? What number does it text?
Wait, I thought that millennial are killing the doorbell industry and they are afraid to ring. Doesn't that contradict what this product does? Or is this to help millennials who are "afraid of the jarring bell sound"