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Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 3rd, 2019

Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Gitalytics.

Measuring software development is complicated.

There's no magic formula to ship features or secret sauce to improve quality. It's why Gitalytics has spent years testing their platform with all levels of software teams from CTOs to junior developers. 👀

To date, Gitalytics empowers over 300,000 developers to help them transform their git data into meaningful insights. How it works: A developer imports their GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab repositories for processing. Gitalytics then analyzes the history of the repos to provide visual reports of dozens of metrics.

In the end, the tool gives engineering managers more visibility and helps devs improve their workflow. Everybody wins.

How Gitalytics is different: The platform avoids stack rankings or penalizing developers with lower scores. Instead, Gitalytics is focused on delivering relevant metrics that support industry best practices and proven strategies. The platform cuts through the noise of “Lines of Code” to focus on meaningful improvements like Time to Review, PR Success Rate and Code Ownership Distribution. There are no shortcuts or secret recipes — it's simply real data with tested solutions.

Gitalytics is already working with multiple Fortune 500 companies, who use the tool to measure impact on big changes, week to week planning, budgeting and headcount allocation.

Check it out 👇

Want to FaceTime with Billie Eilish? What about Lebron James?  Kim Kardashian? With this — you can. 

A Chrome extension that turns your Gmail account into a powerful email marketing platform. No external UI to learn, because all the magic happens inside Gmail. And we suck at building UIs.
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