This app is based on the neuroscience principles of learning that were first explored by Opera singer Gabriel Wyner in his popular book by the same name. For anyone interested in finally picking up that elusive language, this may be the tool to get you there!
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Can you explain what principles you have used while designing this app?
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@kamer_elciyar I'm not the maker but hopefully this helps understand it better πŸ‘‰ They even wrote a book on this before they made the app.
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@kamer_elciyar Sure thing! The link that @amrlth posted is a good summary but the TL;DR is this: - We start with ear training/pronunciation so that your new vocab stops sounding foreign and you can actually remember words - Then we guide you in a process of connecting words to images that you choose yourself, because images are substantially more memorable (and useful) than translations, and also because you get a *lot* more out of images that you've chosen when compared to images that someone else has chosen for you. - Eventually we move you into learning new words in the context of sentences. Here, too, we guide you through choosing the words you care about, the sentences you like the most, and the images you want to use, so that everything is customized to you. Everything's much more memorable that way. - Throughout, we take the choices you've made and quiz you on them using Spaced Repetition, so that you can efficiently get this stuff into your long term memory.
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Took the app for a spin. I’m learning Spanish now and have a Spanish tutor from Medellin. Sort of followed the trajectory of the app on my own. Pronunciation lessons are fun. Couple of observations: 1) I would have liked the pronunciation section to be full sentences for Spanish. When you are listening to native speakers speak Spanish a lot of words are combined. 2) Grammar has English translations. Thought the point was to teach without this. Also would like to able to review the words I said I know. 3) Understood the pairing with native speakers is in development. Will it only be native speakers with fluency in another language?
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@mack_allen Great observations. 1) This makes sense. The pronunciation section is in some sense a first set of steps. The next steps are really in the grammar section; with all the sentences and the variety of speakers we use in that section, that should help folks get more familiar with how words behave in the wild. 2) I'm definitely anti-translation when it comes to stuff that you review on a daily basis, but there's not a huge loss in offering translations the very first time you encounter a new word/sentence. So I do include those at first, because it makes it much easier to figure out which word is doing what within each sentence. Regarding your 'Known Words' - we're definitely aiming to include a reviewable Known Words list as a future feature. 3) The goal with our tutoring products at first is to let you choose any tutor you like, and just allow you+your tutor to easily add new sentences into the app and onto your flashcards. Over time, we want to expand this to official Fluent Forever Tutors and stuff but at first, it's about personalized content creation. A bit more on that over here:
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@mack_allen @gabriel_wyner Maybe offer a way to disable translations? I personally really hate relying on translations in general ^^
Are you planning to add any Scandinavian languages in the near future? I'd love to try the app out, but at the moment I'm interested in learning Danish or Swedish.
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@maria_kluziak Danish/Swedish are going to be a ways away, at the moment! We do have long term plans but we want to get the existing product really solid and awesome first.
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out!
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@ayush_chandra Thank you! :) Please let us know how you like it!
To test it, need to sign up :/:/
@pavlos1944 Yup - because every flashcard is customized to each user, you need to have an account (otherwise we wouldn't be able to store your choices and they'd vanish if you switched phones or reinstalled the app). But it's literally only an email + password; we don't ask for credit cards and stuff to try it out.
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