Shop Grid

A landing page for your Instagram bio, powered by Buffer

#1 Product of the DayMay 31, 2019
Shop Grid is a shoppable landing page, powered by your Instagram feed and Buffer. It integrates seamlessly with Buffer's planning tools, so you and your team can plan your Instagram content and promotions in advance and drive sales through your "link in bio".
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Hi everyone! Mike from Buffer here, sharing something new from the team. 🙂 There are quite a few products out there to help you drive traffic to your website using the link in your Instagram bio. We took some inspiration from those tools and from our customers to make Shop Grid. It’s a landing page powered by your Instagram grid, to help you drive traffic to your online store or website and sell the things you post to your Instagram account. Here’s how it works: 1. Buffer gives you a preview of your Instagram grid inside your Buffer Publish dashboard. 2. From your dashboard you can add links to each photo or video on the grid, which will become clickable items on your mobile-optimized Shop Grid page. 3. Your Shop Grid page is automatically generated at[yourinstagramhandle], which you can add to the link in bio to guide your audience to your website or store. Our goal with this product is to make it a lot easier for our customers to grow their sales on Instagram using Buffer. It’s available on our Business plans (along with all of our other Instagram scheduling features) which are free to try for 14 days. We’d love for you to give it a spin and let us know what you think. 🙏 Thanks everyone! Feel free to drop any questions or feedback in the comments. We’re super grateful for the support! 🙂
@mike_eck I'm still not clear on the problem this solves from the perspective of Instagram profile owners and their followers/visitors?
@bradley_gilbert Hey Bradley! Thanks for the ping and hopefully I can clarify a bit. 🙏 Today on Instagram, while you can technically add a URL to a caption or comment on a post, it will not hyperlink to the page. So for most purposes is mostly unhelpful and this is why brands don’t do it. Where can you add a URL? In the “bio” section of your Instagram profile. For many Instagram profile owners, this link is the only direct way brands can guide their followers to their products/promotion, and for followers it's the only way that to tap through from Instagram to the profile owners website. (As Paul mentioned below, Shopping on Instagram is another solution to this problem) We hope Shop Grid makes it a lot easier for profile owners to smoothly direct their followers to specific content or product on their website / store via the link in their Instagram bio. And create a seamless Instagram planning experience in Buffer! Thanks again for the comment and let me know if I've triggered any thoughts! We'd love improve this 😀
Hey @mike_eck nice product, if I understand it correctly with Shop Grid you are redirecting users outside of Instagram to bring them back into the shop, right? I'm wondering how this benefits shop owners? The already can tag products, right inside the app and users can tap on the "Shop" link, to view all the shop-able products. That all happens right insight the app. I can only see benefits for IG accounts, which don't have the Shopping on Instagram feature available, but for everyone else I would argue that the native IG feature makes more sense.
@mike_eck @paulanderie I agree. Absolutely love Buffer, but not entirely clear on what real problem this solves that shoppable tags don't already.
@paulanderie @lachlankirkwood Hey Paul and Lachlan - sorry it took me awhile to respond, just hopping back online down here in Sydney! Thanks so much for taking a look and great point about the native shopping feature on Instagram. 🙂There are a few reasons why we think Shop Grid works well as an alternative, especially for accounts that don't have access to Shopping on Instagram. 1. With Buffer and Shop Grid, you can plan / batch your content and add shopping links ahead of time, rather than posting each one manually. 2. We want to provide a platform where teams can manage their brand experience from one place with cross-team visibility. For example, a performance marketer can see what their social media manager has planned in Instagram before it’s live with Shop Grid. 3. Shop Grid can also be used for any type of referral traffic: single product pages, category pages, content and blog posts, etc. Launching Shop Grid is the first of many updates we have planned and we'd love to keep building and expanding on this feature. Really appreciate the feedback, please keep it coming!
@mike_eck Thanks for explaining! Looking forward to seeing what other products the team will be shipping.
Well done Buffer team! I am guessing the Instagram user would add the ShopGrid link to their Insta profile?
@elbahnasy Thanks so much! And yep, that's exactly right. :)
Love when there are products like this that work with what people are already doing. This helps brands and business strategically tap into their instagram following!
@marcoafabrega Glad this resonated with you Marco! ❤️
Seems great! Do you have a link to Instagram accounts using this already?
@hypervillain Spotted this one yesterday 😁
@hypervillain Thanks Hugo! I'll check with the team and in the meantime, if you're keen to see an example we have it live on our Instagram account 😉
@redman Thanks Tom 🙌