Image Finder is a 4 years old website that collect free stock photos from from various free stock photo sites that have Public Domain, CC Zero or other Creative Commons licenses.
Image Finder enables to to easily search more than 160K images in our database.
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You shouldn’t include shutterstock photos in the database. They are royalty free, but definitely not monetarily free. Or do like other image search websites and have them be the advertised premium ones (which I hate), but at least it will diferénciate them from the crowd.
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Hi guys! This new version replaces the old one that uses WordPress as the backend. With this new version we take a leap forward and build the site all over again using Laravel and Mongodb, with the help of Scrapy to crawl stock photo sites and Redis for caching. Right now we have more than 163K photos in our database and it will only keep growing day by day. We also plan to enable photographers to upload their own photos to our site in the near future.
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Helps me a lot for finding random photos.
@franceshale321 glad you like it
Hey guys! Pretty useful. It may be more useful if you expose an API. Do you have an API? In my case, I'm developing an app that shows images in a map. So, basically it gets the EXIF data from the photo, and show a thumbnail in the map in the GPS position where the photo was taken. Now, something that is really hard to find is a public API, with free photos, where I could search photos and get only the ones that have GPS data in the EXIF data. Something like: "Get all the photos related to `new york` that contains GPS data". Just consider providing that info in you create an API any time.
@brodanoel I don’t this would make sense for all types of photographs, would it?
@mushfiqrahman No. I doesn't. Most of times these kinds of tools are not used by photographers. Instead, they are used by designers, marketing, developers, etc. If the photographer needs a photo, they just take it. Most of the free photo websites like this, have implemented a public API.
Great job!!😊 Will check it out