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May 30th, 2019

NEW from Apple (sort of)

Earlier this week, Apple gave a long overdue refresh to one of its older products — the iPod Touch.

In case you need a refresh on what the iPod touch even is; it's looks like the iPhone, but it's just an iPod.

The iPod Touch update is the first from Apple in nearly four years, and the revamped version is getting the same processor as the iPhone 7 and a new 256GB storage option.

Why hasn't Apple discontinued a product like this, you may ask?

From the comments:

“For those who are asking 'but why' one answer is 'for my kids.'” - Andreas

“For all those that hate the idea of a smartphone and want to have their entire music library - that took years to import into iTunes from CDs - available to listen to anytime anywhere.” - Tyler

In March, Apple demonstrated how it's leaning into services when it took the hood off a bunch of new products, including Apple TV Plus, Apple News Plus, Apple Card and gaming subscription Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade may be the real reason behind the iPod Touch upgrade, as the company is reportedly making sure it can run all of its upcoming games on the device.

It's worth noting that Apple isn’t the only big company to revive old tech. Palm reinvented the Palm Pilot in a small form factor endorsed by Steph Curry. Nintendo shrunk the Nintendo Entertainment System so you can relive life as 16-bit Link. Nokia reimagined its classic phone and yes, it includes Snake.

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