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An app to chat with Steve Jobs

Here's a thought: Imagine hearing about Apple products from Steve Jobs himself. Or perhaps you'd rather have a conversation with Elon Musk about going to Mars. Want to ask the Dalai Lama about spirituality. Well now you can.

Earlier this week, Sidekik launched on Product Hunt with the mission of creating “Digital Humans” through artificial intelligence. The Maker, Johannes Tammekänd, hopped into the comments to discuss the inspiration behind the product. 💬

Last year, Johannes's grandfather passed away. Like a lot of people, he regretted not spending more time with him, and ended up exploring what he left behind; letters, photographs and videos. The experience inspired an idea to bring memories to life through AI and neural networks, starting with important figures in history. The long-term vision? Seven billion digital humans so all of our legacies can have a voice.

What the community thinks:

“I think the digital preservation of folks is something really critical and opens up whole new avenues for learning, entertainment, and real conversations” - Joel .

The same question to each of the AI personalities gave me similar but different answers, really cool!” - Sercan

“The Dalai Lama just reminded me of how important meditation is to preserve a healthy mind.” - Sten

Who should Sidekik replicate next? Bieber? Oprah? Vote for your favorite here.

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Digital Humans!

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