UIbot is a small web app that creates UI designs programmatically. It randomizes design sizing, colors, typography, and some other properties.
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"Guess and check" UI design. Brilliant. 😂
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Very cool, any actual way to download the theme?
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@marwannas Not currently :/. You might be able to use some browser plugin for that for now.
Very cool!
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@ilu Thanks! :)
Programmatic UI Design.. Crazy stuff @jaukia
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This is so awesome @jaukia! What is on your roadmap so far for this? I went ahead and made a no-code version of one of the UIs using @bubble_group : https://uibotexample1.bubbleapps... Would love to chat, Janne!
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@bubble_group @joseph_brown2 Sure, let's chat :).
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