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March 19th, 2019

Flying motorcycles are here (and backed by YC)
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It's that time of year. Y Combinator's latest batch of startups (over 200 companies!) presented their work over two demo days this week. The Winter 2019 batch was the largest yet, and includes everything from flying motorcycles to dairy products made from plants. This year was also the first time the accelerator hosted in San Francisco, away from its roots in Mountain View.

A little about this latest batch: The 189 startups were chosen from a pool of 12,000 applicants. The top five categories these startups are building in are B2B software (40%), healthcare (14%), consumer goods (13%), fintech (8%) and consumer media (6%). 24% of these startups have a female founder, 10% have a Latinx founder and 8% have a black founder. In total, 36 different countries were represented in this cohort.

Many of the YC companies may look familiar. Most have launched on Product Hunt over the past three months. Here are a few popular picks:

Glide is a “no code” tool that creates apps from Google Sheets 👀

Our World in Data uses data to understand of the world’s problems 🌏

Taali is a superfood snack made from popped water lily seeds 😋

Postscript is like Mailchimp, but for texting 💬

Sunsama is like if Trello and Google Calendar had a baby 💡

Bottomless automatically restocks your coffee with a smart scale ☕️

AxDraft provides free legal documents for startups 📝

Brew is like Netflix for podcasts 🎙

Deel provides pay-as-you-go contracts for freelancers 💸

Basement is a social network for your close friends 🛋


BREAKING: Apple's new AirPods just launched.

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