Sunsama organizes all the work you need to do each day in one place. It's like Trello + Google Calendar.

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Howdy Hunters! We started Sunsama because we noticed how easy it is to feel like you’re spending a lot of time at work but not getting much done. It’s hard to have productive days with all the distractions. It’s exhausting to feel like there’s so much more work to do than there is time to do it. And it only gets harder when you’ve got to coordinate with your teammates. This isn’t how work should be. When we first started, we focused on meetings, and how to make them a more productive use of everyone’s time. As we’ve grown we’ve been able to expand our focus. We’ve been building a product that helps you answer the question, “What should we work on today that’s the best use of our time?” and then guides you through your work for the entire day. We’re proud to announce this product is now ready for the world. We call it the “Daily Kanban”. If your calendar and Trello had a baby, this would be its love child. The Daily Kanban is a new take on task management that's built around your daily workflow. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works: You create tasks you want to work on today. As you work, you check off your tasks, moving them out of your way. Tasks that are completed stay locked to the day they were completed on, giving you a record of what work was done that day. Tasks that aren’t completed automatically roll over to the next day. When you walk into the office the next morning you’ve got a list of stuff to start cranking on right away. If there’s something you don’t want to work on now, you can bump the task back to a future date. You can organize your Kanban by person (to see what everyone is doing each day) or by channel (to see what’s going on in a particular project). You can link your channels in Sunsama to your channels in Slack to share your work with your team. And of course, the Daily Kanban fits into the broader Sunsama Calendar Platform, which means you can take advantage of other features like: - Scheduling events and sharing calendars - Planning and documenting meetings - Slack and Github calendar integrations We’ve been at our most productive since adopting the Daily Kanban internally - we hope you’ll give it a try for yourself, and let us know what you think!
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@thepriyadarshy hey I really love this but when I try to sign up I get an error that the Auth doesn’t work via Google 😞. I’m using an iPhoneX and safari. Happy to send you a screenshot via email
@thepriyadarshy @prokotasic hm, are you by chance trying with safari in a private window? shoot us an email at and we'll get you sorted out!
@thepriyadarshy awesome. Very few apps have this approach of "daily kanban", the only one I know is teuxdeux, which development has stopped. If you can refine the experience (less bulky tasks, more information displayed on the screen, multiple backlogs per project). I could include the platform in my tools (asana, google calendar...). But daily kanban is the deal, don't really care about the calendar personnaly has I don't have many meetings. The team feature is more for my manager as I don't really need to have visibility on what my colleagues are doing.
@thepriyadarshy one thing we talked about already is viewer permission levels. Admin's see everyone tasks, team leaders see each other's and regular members and members only see their own and any "public" tasks for instance. Otherwise you have to remember to mark tasks private, but then other team leaders can't see them, at the same time you don't want the secretary viewing everyones tasks in the co... Otherwise a really intriguing tool!

I love what they call "daily kanban", it's the more clear and visual way to manage a todo list for me. I like teuxdeux for that. But teuxdeux development is stopped and the product haven't moved for a long time.


daily kanban visual approach is my favorite one for todos


no mobile app, UI could be more refined

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Love it already! Can't wait for the ability to bring my Trello cards across. Very cool guys!

Intuitive, really easy to use productivity app.


Tasks sync with your calendar. Great for my personal tasks, and with my teams at work.


No mobile app, but I just added it to my home screenon chrome and it works great.

This looks like a really cool tool that adds a bit of structure to a free-form app such as Trello (which we currently use). The app itself is still too underdeveloped to be useful in a real-life setting — at least for our team — e.g. no attachments which is a real deal breaker for us, but it shows promise. PS Please at least choose better wording with your calendar management feature, as I just accidentally deleted a very important Google Calendar because I thought I am only deleting it from your app, and not the actual Google Calendar! In fact, why would you allow me to manage my Google Calendar from your app in the first place?
@draganbabic Hey Dragan! Thanks for the feedback, adding attachments is something we'd like to do. Besides attachments, are there other items that you feel are deal breakers in using this in your team's setting? We'll definitely take that under advisement. We built Sunsama with the idea that you could go the whole day without opening up Google Calendar, that's why we allow you to manage Google Calendar from there.
@draganbabic @thepriyadarshy Hi the ability to create checklists within each card is something that I think is important as well. Was just going to switch , then I realised that I can't move my repeatable checklists around like trello. Thank you.
@draganbabic hi dragan just wanted to follow up to let you know we've added file attachments to tasks. thanks for the suggestion!